Recycling Update: “Pack In, Pack Out”


We are trying to find ways to help our environment. You would not believe the
amount of recycling and compost that ends up in our garbage! Our school district is
challenging schools and buildings in the district to Pack In, Pack Out. Everything that
you bring to school, you take home. The goal of the program is to have containers,
wrappers and compost end up in your recycling and compost and not end up in the
landfill. This is new to some of our classes so it will take a while for everyone to get
used to it – including you, the parents. It has always been a policy for students to
take their unfinished lunch home so that
you are aware of what they are and are
not eating. This just takes that one more
step and we are asking you to help do
our part for the environment and have
you children place their recycling in your
blue bin and the compost in your
compost. We would love to see our
garbage cans empty! This is a huge

step toward Being Kind to This Place – our planet. Thank you for your assistance with
this project. I wonder if we can challenge Central Middle School and Vic High to see
who has the least amount of waste?