Breakfast and Lunch Program

We are very fortunate here at George Jay to be able to offer a daily breakfast and lunch program.  Both programs do require students to be registered so we can ensure we have enough food ready.

Breakfast Program

  • A balanced yummy breakfast is served everyday.
  • Is supported through the generous donations from our community
  • Is provided free to our students
  • We ask that all students register for this program using this form. Breakfast Program Form

Looking for some great ideas for Breakfast check out this Breakfast Snack Attack

Lunch Program

  • A balanced delicious lunch is served everyday.
  • Is supported through our community link funds and parent contributions.
  • Is a Needs based program to support families and not because it is easier than making lunch everyday.
  • Does not include a beverage as we have plenty of water available to our students.  Bring a bottle and fill it up at one of our handy bottle filling stations.
  • Some suggested payment options might be:
    1.  Pay full cost for the first child and half for each additional child.
    2. Pay $25 for the first child and $10 for each additional child.
    3. Whatever contributions your family can afford, not matter how small.
    4. If you are unable to contribute this month, your child or children are still welcome to register for the program.
  • Lunch Program Form